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Utilties Management – Manningham City Council (VIC)

Like many councils, each month Manningham City Council pays hundreds of electricity, gas and water bills. There was evidence that Council was being over-charged for its utility use, and many readings were estimated. There was uncertainty whether bills should or should not be paid by Council.

Sorting this out however, was a massive task, that council did not have the necessary technical ability or resources to undertake.

Manningham CC decided to outsource this problem to CarbonetiX’s utility officer service, and has…

  • Cut through the red-tape and inefficiencies to realise immediate utility savings
  • Saved much more than it has spent, with a near immediate positive cash flow
  • Achieved council-wide cost and operational benefits that would not have been realised by Council itself
  • Reduced council officer time and utilities management resourcing
  • Streamlined invoicing and cost recovery processes

“We are saving at least $93,000 per year as a result of the investigative work done by CarbonetiX. For any council struggling to manage its utilities across multiple sites, I suggest you give CarbonetiX a call straight away”
Tim Lawson, Procurement Manager, Manningham City Council