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  • Resource Management
  • Bill Management
  • Electricity Sub-Metering
  • Water Sub-Metering
  • Solar and Wind Monitoring
  • Meter-Less Monitoring
  • Temporary Logging
SmartPortal Software

SmartPortal brings our CarbonMetriX and Carbon Real-Time systems together into one easy to use interface. With increased speed of reporting, SmartPortal is the next generation in energy management systems. SmartPortal is designed to save organisations time in analysing data and preparing reports. Making it easy for multiple facility organisations to manage utility costs, identify waste and save money.

With ‘Virtual Metering’ capabilities built within the SmartPortal software your organisation will save money on the initial capital metering costs. In the case of generation from solar and/or wind, any number of inverters can be ‘grouped’ as virtual meters in the SmartPortal software to allow the total portfolio of generation assets to be visualised, making it that much easier to communicate your green energy investment.

Benchmarking is an important analysis tool for any multiple facility organisation, it is made easy in the SmartPortal software through the use of user defined comparison metrics. These metrics allow your organisation to focus in on high cost facilities, reducing the time needed for manual analysis and facilitating the smooth development of a business case to improve and save money.

CarbonMetriX Software

CarbonMetriX is a secure, online environmental data management tool designed to track, interactively report and organise your organisations data including:

  • Carbon Emissions
  • Electricity & Gas
  • Water
  • Fuel
  • Paper use
  • Waste
  • Air travel emissions
  • Custom Sources

The data import functionality built within the CarbonMetriX software provides an easy solution to updating data. With adaptable import data formats you will save time and money as you don’t need to specially format data.

The robust multiple site reporting functionality allows you to easily benchmark the performance of sites, saving you time in identifying those consuming more, allowing you to implement changes faster, saving money.

Carbon Real-Time Software

Carbon Real-Time is a hardware and software solution that monitors energy, solar and wind within 60 seconds of real-time.

The software interface has been built to suit single site organisations, making reporting and analysis easy and straight forward. The automatic calculation of greenhouse emissions emitted or saved within the Carbon Real-Time software will save your organisations time in manually calculating figures.

Identifying energy waste is costly and time consuming, our Carbon Real-Time software takes the pain away from analysing data so that you can focus on saving money.