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Energy Monitoring – Moreland City Council


The Project

After inspecting the realtime energy consumption data a CarbonetiX engineer discovered that energy was being wasted at Moreland Civic Centre.  This ultimately led to 26% energy savings being achieved.

Using CarbonRealtime, council and CarbonetiX were able to pinpoint these inefficiencies and implement measures that produced spectacular results.

The Results

  • 26% reduction in annual energy use
  • Annual cost savings of $31,346.

As well as these savings, CarbonRealtime allows council to monitor a wide range of utilities data in realtime.  This information is presented on screens throughout the facilities and serves as a constant advertisement for the councils commitment to tackling climate change.

From the Client

“(CarbonetiX Engineer) Barney has been fantastic. Everyone loves having him around here and he has been very effective in implementing actions and uncovering energy culprits! As always, it has been great working with CarbonetiX.”

- Laura Lynch, Coordinator ESD, Moreland City Council

Energy Monitoring – Moreland City Council