HVAC – Bendigo Community Health Services HVAC replacement


Bendigo Community Health Services (BCHS) is a non-for-profit organisation that provides a range of health programs and services to local communities.

CarbonetiX was commissioned to conduct energy audits at BCHS’s facilities in October 2007 and found significant energy savings opportunities in HVAC, lighting, hot water and office equipment.

A major opportunity highlighted was the replacement of the central boiler/chiller systems at the Eaglehawk site due to their aging and resultant inefficiencies including poor integration with split ducted and package systems that had later been installed. The central systems were also providing unbalanced air flows to the different areas of the building, resulting in poor thermal comfort for occupants. As a result, portable heaters and fans were being used, further increasing the energy consumption of the facility.


In 2014, CarbonetiX was asked to review the technical submission for a like-for-like replacement of a chiller at the Eaglehawk site. Considering the addition of the separate systems the 135 kW chiller proposed would have been significantly oversized, resulting in a very small load on the new chiller (~60%) decreasing it’s running efficiency incurring higher capital expense and increased ongoing electricity costs. This scenario would have done little to improve the comfort of the building for the occupants.


  • Analyse the existing technical submission regarding the chiller replacement
  • Write a new specification allowing Design and Construction solution to facilitate efficiency improvements
  • Assist in the tender review process and recommend the best long tem value for money option for BCHS
  • Vet thermal load calculations that were to determine the optimal size of the system
  • Reduce onsite energy consumption, whilst providing comfort conditions that were suitable for the operation of a health care facility
  • Meet project deadlines as system was to be installed in the middle of summer
  • Auxiliary air conditioning organised to provide temporary cooling to patients and practitioners
  • Removal and disposal of redundant  equipment and full modification of the existing system


The new VRV air conditioning system reduced energy consumption significantly and provided balanced air conditioning to the building’s occupants. During the installation, the duct work was found to be in poor condition and required unexpected modifications to improve the performance of the overall system. CarbonetiX worked with the mechanical contractor to address these issues. During the project the following results were achieved:

  • Energy consumption at the site reduced
  • Equipment operational on time causing minimal disturbances to occupants
  • Patients and staff satisfied with the air conditioning being provided in each area
  • Built strong relationships with the client and mechanical contractor

Moving forward

  • Continue to support BCHS in improving their HVAC equipment
  • Working alongside the mechanical contractors DPK in future projects

“We are very happy with the way Carbonetix represented BCHS’s interests with a favourable outcome for all stakeholders.” Maxine Plant, Manager Fleet & Facilities, Bendigo Community Health Services