Embedded Officer Program

Embedded Officer Program
CarbonetiX’s Embedded Officer Program is designed to assist organisations with managing their utility accounts, environmental reporting and efficiency project identification and management.
The programs are tailored to meet your organisation’s needs and can be implemented over both short and long term timeframes.

Embedded Utility Officers
We recognise the challenges brought about by managing tens, if not hundreds of gas, water and electricity accounts. Facilities and/or Accounts Payable staff generally do not have the time or expertise required to ensure utility accounts are problem free prior to bill payment. Our Embedded Utility Officers (EUOs) have worked with organisations around Melbourne to help rein in utility spending and liaise with utility retailers to get long running issues resolved.
This program over the last ten years is averaging better than a 3:1 ratio of initial investment to return on investment. In other words for every $1 you put in to the program you get more than $3 back ongoing yearly.

Our EUOs come to you, working in-house to provide assistance with:
• Utility account management
• Issues documentation and resolution
• Utility metering
• Utility data recording and management
• Utility processes and procedures development
• GIS mapping of utility meters
• Cost recovery from energy and water retailers and tenants
• Internal and external stakeholder engagement

Embedded Engineering/Efficiency Officers
Environmental reporting and resourcing energy and water efficiency projects can be difficult without sufficient staff time and expertise. Our team of Embedded Engineering/Efficiency Officers (EEOs) have the specialist knowledge to assist with project identification and management, and environmental reporting in a program tailored to your organisational needs.
This program over the last ten years has delivered millions of $$ worth of projects and saved enormous greenhouse gas emissions as well as ongoing cost savings.

Our EEEOs come to you, working in-house to provide assistance with:
• Environmental reporting
• Energy and water auditing
• Solar feasibility studies
• Efficiency projects identification
• Efficiency projects implementation and management
Call us today to find out more about our Embedded Officer Program and how we could tailor a program to help you achieve your goals.