Energy Measurement and Tracking

Realtime monitoring of your energy use and carbon footprint

Energy Measurement and Tracking

You can’t control what you don’t measure.  Real time tracking of energy use and carbon emissions allow you to pinpoint inefficiencies, measure savings and take control of your energy use.

Carbon Real-Time is a powerful tool for establishing your organisation’s energy profile. It assists in identifying energy waste and leaks, and highlights opportunities to reduce your energy costs and carbon emissions. You can see what is being used or produced in real-time, and take action straightaway as needed.

  • Establish your organisation’s energy profile
  • Identify opportunities to reduce energy costs
  • Educate staff on environmental issues

Carbon Real-Time collects energy data automatically – on your energy generation and consumption, gas and water consumption – empowering you to produce informative reports based on your organisation’s environment.

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CarbonMetriX is a powerful online carbon footprint management, tracking and reporting tool, developed for organisations with multiple sites. CarbonMetriX uses emissions factors, published annually by the Australian Greenhouse Office, for accuracy and to meet state and federal carbon reporting requirements.

  • Monitor your organisation’s carbon footprint
  • Track emissions, electricity, gas, water, vehicle use and air travel emissions
  • Powerful tool to meet mandatory reporting standards
  • Quick bill energy and easy to use with an intuitive design
  • Use to educate staff on environmental issues in the work place
  • Automatic alerts via email when usage deviates from set parameters

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