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We are committed to seeing our clients reduce their environmental impact. We achieve this by providing assistance at every stage of the journey towards carbon neutrality - what we call the "Carbon Neutral Spiral". In partnering with clients we now provide a comprehensive process which includes the following phases of development:

  • Wind Farm
  • Securing organisational commitment
  • Measuring past and current performance
  • Setting performance targets
  • Identifying and quantifying opportunities
  • Specifying and prioritising actions for implementation
  • Resourcing and implementing actions
  • Measuring progress against set targets
...this process can be continued in a spiral toward carbon neutrality.

Is your organisations ready to make a positive environmental impact, to demonstrate leadership in its field, and to take seriously its responsibility for the welfare of future generations?

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With 5 years experience, CarbonetiX (formally Energy Doctor) has conducted numerous audits, aided in implementation, helped streamline tracking & reporting as well as provided advice to a vast range of organisations. From Federal & State Government Departments, Schools and Colleges, Local Government, Management Authorities as well as Commercial and Industrial businesses, just to name a few.
In helping these organisations, CarbonetiX has saved organisations thousands of dollars a year and reduced their Greenhouse Gases emissions by hundreds of tonnes.


We are looking for qualified electrical, HVAC and plumbing contractors

  • Are you are interested in using your electrical, plumbing and/or HVAC skills in working toward a more stable future climate? If so, please consider our invitation to join the Carbonetix Sub-Contractor's Register.

We Can Now Help You Sign Up For 100% Australian Government Certified Green Power

We have developed a partnership with a Green Power provided that doesn't require you to change your current electricity retailer, change your account details or deal with a call centre.

This means that large companies, schools and government organisations that may be on long term contracts with their electricity retailers can now purchase green power with ease.

To learn more about green power and how to sign up click here

We use 100% Green Power In Our Office.

100% Green Power