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Energy efficiency provides a good return on investment, better than bank interest For a company, reducing your gas and electricity costs and positioning your company as a leader in sustainability go hand-in-hand with a reduction of your carbon-footprint.

The key benefits of investing in energy efficiency are:

  • Reducing electricity and gas costs
  • Showing your stakeholders/shareholders you are a leader in sustainability
  • Reducing your Carbon Footprint and doing your part to combat climate change
  • Prepare your organisation for rising energy costs

Why Reduce Energy Use

Up to 2015, under any plausible scenario, power prices will double*With the price of energy set to soar, energy efficiency investment is one of the most effective ways to reduce your current and future operating costs.  The works which we implement deliver quantifiable cost savings and reduce your organisations susceptibility to these price increases.

*Paul Simshauser, AGL chief economist (as quoted in Australian Financial Review, 8 February 2011)

Business and Sustainability

Energy efficiency provides a good return on investment, better than bank interest. But it isn’t free. Leadership commitment to investing time and money is required. The best way to get the results you want from energy and carbon reduction projects is to seek out a managed and implemented solution.

Managed and Implemented Solutions

Most organisations fail to think strategically when it comes to reducing their energy use. They are unwilling to make the necessary investment of time and money. As a result they usually fail to achieve significant energy savings and fail to see a substantial return on any money they do invest to reduce their energy use.

CarbonetiX has developed two managed solutions that deliver the highest level of real energy savings to commercial organisations.

Energy Management Plan

This service is designed to ensure you get the most out of your energy efficiency investment and have a managed strategy for lowering energy costs …


Guaranteed Energy Savings

The CarbonetiX Guaranteed Energy Savings Program provides certainty and reassurance for medium and large businesses wishing to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

This service provides …


Other Services

For specific services such as Energy AuditsNABERS Ratings or Energy Efficiency Training assistance visit our Services page.

Our Goals

CarbonetiX is driven by implementing projects that reduce the impact of our society on the environment.  We also thrive on providing a business case for such projects and always deliver our clients with real reductions in electricity and gas costs.

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