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Can LED lights replace fluorescents?

December 17th, 2008 at 21:13

LED lights are seen by many as the next big thing when it comes to lighting. But do they live up to their promise?

LED tube

LED tube

Over the last few months we have been researching and testing LED tubes. These tubes are the same shape as a fluorescent tube, and have hundreds of LEDs on them. To summarise our research results:

  • The performance of LED tubes has improved greatly over the last 12 months, particularly in terms of total light output.
  • Quality of manufacture is still of concern (one of the LED tubes in the photo has partially failed).
  • Many tubes now have a very good “daylight” light colour, although some of the ones we tested were quite blue.
  • We are not yet at the point where a LED tube can substitute a 36 watt tri-phosphor fluorescent, but if the technology continues to advance as it has the performance may match fluorescent tubes within the next three years, but with much lower power input.
  • Pricing is still high, but as lighting performance improves the range of applications where LEDs can be used will increase. This should lead to economies of scale and price reductions.
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4 Responses to “Can LED lights replace fluorescents?”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Yeah, a interesting story! LED has the future and the technique is still in good progress. I think that it’s a matter of time that everybody will have LED in and around his house. Just think about the environment and you will understand!

  2. Dylan Lopez Says:

    the great thing about LED light is that they do not generate lots of heat~~`

  3. Peter Solar Power Says:

    Ya, LED is expensive but on other hand they helps in reducing electricity bill.

  4. Led eco lighting Says:

    LED fluorescent tubes are an excellent replacement of standard fluoros, especially in places such as car parks, offices, warehouses etc. Using LED fluoro lamps can significantly save power and maintenance costs, and they can have the ability to resist high vibration levels.

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